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    My Vision for 

    Brookline Schools


    As a current School Committee (SC) member, Chair of the SC Subcommittee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, a Board Member of Brookline’s Special Education Parent Advisory Committee (SEPAC), a parent of two PSB 6th graders, a civil rights attorney, and a progressive activist, my priorities on the School Committee will continue to be:


    1) Manage the COVID-19 Recovery with Progressive, Smart Budget Management: This pandemic has devastated Brookline's revenues, including threatening reductions in education programs and in student support. As executive director of a non-profit, I manage a $47 million dollar budget, and I know that budgets are a values statement. I will work to give students what they need to succeed, and invest in our future.


    2) Center Student Voices, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Our Schools: Students can't learn unless they feel safe and supported in our classrooms. But right now, we need to listen to what our students are telling us: so many of them -- especially those who identify as part of the Asian American, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ communities -- are confronting daily traumas. I was President of one of the largest LGBTQIA+ organizations in Massachusetts and have spent years fighting for marginalized communities, naming and addressing the devastating impacts of systemic racism, hate, and discrimination. I will be a relentless ally and advocate for our students and for schools that are diverse, equitable, inclusive, safe spaces for learning.


    3) Expand Mental Health Care: This is personal for me. Like every parent in Brookline, I've seen the enormous mental health toll the COVID-19 pandemic has taken on our students, including my own children. It's heartbreaking. As a survivor and someone who has spent years working to expand mental health and advocacy, I know our students need an unprecedented level of support, resources, and mental health professionals to confront an unprecedented crisis.


    4) Enhance Special Education Services: As the parent of two children on IEPs and a SEPAC board member, I support inclusion to the maximum extent feasible, co-teaching, and student-centered services individualized to each student with a disability. This approach benefits all our students. Inclusion classrooms help general education students learn to be open and understanding of people with learning differences. Schools need to provide collaboration time for general education teachers and special ed teachers so that they have time to plan. This is critical to a student’s success, and on the School Committee I will fight to ensure every student can flourish and reach their full potential.


    5) Green, Clean Schools Help Confront the Climate Crisis: The global climate emergency threatens the future of this planet and every student in our schools -- and we know that there cannot be social justice without climate justice. Brookline's young people are already national leaders in responding -- so I want to listen to them! I'll work with our students to identify and implement strategies to ensure we achieve carbon neutrality, from teaching the climate crisis in classrooms, to advocating for bike racks on campuses, and weatherproofing. As we work toward net-zero emissions, we can also educate our students about how their personal behavior can influence climate change.


    We can and must take the lessons learned during the COVID pandemic to build a stronger, resilient, and supportive school system for every one of our children.


    Reach out to me directly at Val@ValFrias.com. I'd love to hear from you, and earn your vote for Brookline School Committee on May 3rd!


    You can see my full professional and service bio by clicking on the campaign logo to the left or going to the navigation bar.

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  • Susan Altman - PSB Parent
    John Bassett - PAX Board of Directors; Town Meeting Member, Pct 6
    Jeffrey Benson - Town Meeting Member, Pct 3
    Brookline SEPAC - Special Education Parent Advisory Council
    Carol Caro - Co-Founder, Brookline Community Aging Network; Town Meeting Member, Pct 10
    Cathleen Cavell - Town Meeting Member, Pct 1
    Chris Chanyasulkit - Trustee, Public Library of Brookline; Town Meeting Member, Pct 13
    Elyse Cherry - Brookline resident
    Connie Clauson - PSB Parent
    Nancy Daly - Former Member, Brookline Select Board; Town Meeting Member, Pct 12
    Chris Dempsey - Chair, Brookline Transportation Board; Town Meeting Member, Pct 6
    Veronique & Will Corrdin - PSB Parents
    Katherine Craven - Former MA First Deputy Treasurer, PSB Parent
    Alessandra Di Credico - PSB Parent
    Lori Day - Past Chair, Driscoll School PTO
    Cindy Elias - PSB Educator
    Ashley Eng - Brookline High School '19; BAAFN
    Ben Franco - Former Member, Brookline Select Board; Former Member, Brookline Advisory Committee; Former Town Meeting Member, Pct 1
    Jim Franco -Vice Chair, Brookline DTC; Town Meeting Member, Pct 1
    Scott Gladstone - Town Meeting Member, Pct 16
    Michael Glover - Former Member, Brookline School Committee; Town Meeting Member, Pct 5
    Ann Goebel-Fabbri - PSB Parent
    Jennifer Goldsmith - Town Meeting Member, Pct 11
    Lori Graubart Preston - PSB Parent
    Mike Harrington - Town Meeting Member, Pct 16
    Nancy Hathaway - PSB Parent
    Shannon Hedrick - Driscoll School PTO Volunteer Coordinator
    Amy Hummel - Brookline Advisory Committee, Town Meeting Member, Pct 12
    Barbara Kamholz - Past Pierce School PTO Volunteer Coordinator; Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Boston University School of Medicine
    Bobbie Knable - Former Member, Brookline Advisory Committee (Schools Subcommittee), Dr. Martin Luther King Celebration Committee, civil rights activist
    Karestan Koenen - Professor of Psychiatric Epidemiology, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health & Brookline Resident
    Kevin Lang - Former Chair, Brookline School Committee
    Meggan Levene - Town Meeting Member, Pct 3
    Grace Lee - Board Member, Asian American Task Force on Domestic Violence; Former Chief of Civil Rights, Norfolk DA's Office; Former Civil Rights Attorney, Office of Civil Rights, US Department of Education; Former First Deputy Treasurer/General Counsel, Office of the State Treasurer; First Executive Director for MA Asian American Commission
    Janet Li - PSB Parent
    Natalia Linos - Former MA 04 Congressional Candidate; Exec Dir, François-Xavier Bagnoud Center for Health & Human Rights at Harvard Univ.
    LPAC - Committed to LGBTQ and women’s equality, and social justice, with a focus on increasing the number of diverse LGBTQ women in office.
    Jonathan Mande - Community Activist, Brookline Rising
    Senofer Mendoza - PSB Parent
    Judy Meyers - Past Chair, Brookline School Committee; Past Town Meeting Member, Pct 12
    Linda Monach - Co-Chair, SEPAC (Brookline Special Education Parent Advisory Council)
    Tobias Nanda - PSB Parent

    Representative Michael J. Moran - 18th Suffolk, MA House of Representatives; Assistant Majority Leader

    David Pollak - Former Chair, Brookline School Committee; Brookline Education Foundation; Brookline Advisory Committee; Town Meeting Member, Pct 11

    Jane Piercy - Town Meeting Member, Pct 2

    Sean Preston - PSB Parent

    Kelly Quaye - PSB Parent

    Pam Roberts - Past Chair, Florida Ruffin Ridley School PTO
    Jeff Rudolph - Town Meeting Member, Pct 6
    Victoria Saad Carroll - PSB Parent
    Luciana Schachnik - Co-Chair, Brookline for Racial Justice and Equity
    Julie Schreiner-Oldham - Past Chair, Brookline School Committee
    Faith Shumak Dantowitz - Co-Chair, SEPAC (Brookline Special Education Parent Advisory Council)
    Kate Silbaugh - Town Meeting Member, Pct 1
    Carol Schraft - Past Principal, Driscoll School
    Barbara Scotto - Brookline School Committee; Town Meeting Member, Pct 2 (prev.), Pct 8 (current)
    Kim Smith - PAX Board of Directors; Brookline Advisory Committee; Town Meeting Member, Pct 6
    Alice Speck - Past Co-Chair, Driscoll School PTO
    Frank Steinfield - Town Meeting Member, Pct 3
    Rebecca Stone - Past Chair, Brookline School Committee; Chair, Brookline Commission for Women; Town Meeting Member, Pct 3
    Kelly Tynan - SEPAC Liaison, Lincoln School; Brookline Resident, Pct 16
    Robert Volk - Town Meeting Member, Pct 4
    Healther Walsh - PSB Parent
    Paul Warren - Brookline Advisory Committee; School Subcommittee, Brookline Advisory Committee; Town Meeting Member, Pct 1
    Anne Weaver - Town Meeting Member, Pct 11
    Neil Wishinsky - Past Chair/Member, Brookline Select Board; Past Vice Chair/Current Member Brookline Advisory Committee; TMM, Pct 5
    Chi Chi Wu - Brookline Woman of the Year, 2021; Chair, Brookline Asian American Family Network (BAAFN); Task Force to Reimagine Policing in Brookline; Brookline Advisory Committee
    Susan Wolf Ditkoff - Brookline School Committee
    Amanda Zimmerman - Former Town Meeting Member, Pct 8

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    Election Day at the Polls

    Brookline townwide elections are Tuesday, May 3rd.

    Polls will be open from 7am to 8pm.

  • Contact

    Brookline, MA
  • Val's Professional & Service Bio

    Valerie Frias has been an active member of the of the town and school community since moving to Brookline in 2014. She is currently a member of the Brookline School Committee and serves on the key subcommittees, including Diversity, Equity Inclusion, as well as Policy, Government Relations, Capital and Negotiations. She also Co-Chairs the Driscoll School Building Committee, is a member of Brookline SEPAC (Special Education Parent Advisory Council), and is currently the SEPAC Parent Representative for Out of District placements. Val also sits on the Driscoll School Principal Search Committee.


    Previously, Val partnered with superintendents in Brookline and around the Commonwealth as a trusted advisor on policy and legal matters related to special education, LGBTQ issues, and other issues related to civil rights and youth advocacy. She served as a PTO Co-Chair for Driscoll School, as the Driscoll School SEPAC Parent Representative. Val coached the Brookline Recreation Therapy softball team, and also volunteered at the Boys and Girls Club in Chelsea.


    Val brings her personal and professional experience to her work for Brookline. She is the daughter of an immigrant and was the first in her family to attend college. Val has more than 20 years of professional leadership experience, currently as the Chief Executive Officer of Ethos, where she is responsible for providing vision, leadership, and direction for the organization’s thriving programs, services, and activities for older adults and disabled individuals, as well as overseeing Ethos’ strategic direction, organizational status and reputational well-being.


    Prior to leading Ethos, Val was the Executive Director of Greater Boston PFLAG, the local chapter of a national organization that advances LGBTQ equality through support, education, and advocacy. There, she helped increase the organization’s revenue, expanded staff and programs, and led several successful statewide advocacy campaigns.


    Earlier in her career, Val served in leadership roles at the Allston Brighton Community Development Corporation (CDC), where her focus was on building healthy and resilient communities, affordable housing, and community partnerships. There, she oversaw a portfolio of nearly 500 units of affordable rental and ownership property that were home to over 1,000 residents. Val also represented the organization in partnership with Harvard University, New Balance, and Boston Community Capital, to support the development of community benefits that reflected the diverse needs of the community.


    In addition to her work at the Allston Brighton CDC, Val served as Policy Director for Boston City Councilor Matt O’Malley, General Counsel for the MA Senate Capital Finance Committee, and General Counsel to State Senator Marc Pacheco and the MA Senate Post Audit and Oversight Committee, as well as counsel to the US Senate Judiciary Committee. Val was Policy Counsel at the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights in Washington, D.C., an organization which has coordinated the national legislative campaign on behalf of every major civil rights law since 1957. She has served in numerous local, state and federal campaign roles over the course of her career.


    Val earned her Juris Doctor degree from the Northeastern University School of Law in 1999 and her B.A. in History and German (cum laude) from Tufts University in 1994. In her free time, she advocates for civil rights, volunteers at her children’s schools, and enjoys running and being outdoors.